Donate Blood – Save Lives - Stay Healthy

Giving is Living is one of the India's leading mediators of blood components and services that ensure a safe and adequate blood supply. We strive to achieve the highest standards in serving needy person, donors, medical communities, etc. At Giving is Living, we help people realize their life transforming potential by offering blood donation opportunities.

With over 11 years of experience in providing and managing the blood components, we are deeply committed in making a transformative difference in people's lives by inspiring them to donate blood to the needy person and providing a safe blood supply.


Let's come together to help patients get the blood they need.
To ensure the right blood available for patients throughout the year, we run local campaigns twice in a month to encourage people to register as blood donors and help save the human lives. We do also encourage existing donors to continue donating blood to help keep the blood stocks healthy. In addition, we asked them to support their country not only through their emotions, but in a way that makes a difference by donating blood. If you are interested and really want to support us, please do contact us because the more active you are, the more inspiring the message, the more blood donors your will attract.

The main objectives of our campaign
There are some of the main objectives of our campaign that includes:

  • To thank each individual who donate blood, plus to encourage those who have not donated blood yet.
  • To raise wider awareness among each individual about donating blood i.e. Blood donation is an altruistic action which benefits society.
  • To promote the core values of blood donation in enhancing community solidarity.
  • To encourage people to care for one another and build a helping and caring community.
  • To highlight the need for blood donation.

Our Mission

Join us and make the blood circulate!
Being one of the leading networks and suppliers of blood, we take pride in playing our part to ensure the quality, safety, and availability of blood and its products for those in need. We exist to make a difference in someone's lives by bringing together every people to donate blood and embracing continuous quality improvement.

Our Vision

There is always more to do!!
  • Our main focus is to be the real hope of every individual in the country who is in search of voluntary blood donor.
  • To spread the awareness among people by conducting campaigns in college, schools, and institution.
  • To enhance the well-being of individual by providing them with quality blood.
  • To bring the blood donor & needy person to a common platform.