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Giving is Living is one of the quality organizations that actually saves human life by bringing voluntary blood donors and needy person to a common platform. The main motive of developing this website is to seek blood donors who are willing to donate blood to those in agitated need of it.

We established in the year 2008 with a mission to inspire, encourage, and initiate each and every individual to donate blood or support so that human suffering can be minimized as we strongly believe that it is our collective responsibility to make the country which is free from all the darkness, suffering, and would be full of well-being, love, and happiness.

Over the past few years, so many people are dying because of the shortage of blood. However, around 6 million units of blood are collected or donated which is still not sufficient for the India population as the population of India is rising at an alarming rate. Out of 6 million units, 70% is from voluntary blood donors while the remaining 30% is from family or replacement donors. Giving is living has become a cornerstone which aims to not just only provide free blood support services, but to make the community more aware of donating blood and reduce the number of deaths occurred due to a shortage of blood.

Generally, we still have a long way to go to get safe blood. Moreover, the number of voluntary blood donors in India is still very as it is 8 for every 1 thousand population and to increase the number of voluntary blood donors, we organize awareness campaigns and voluntary blood donation camps.

Promoting core values of blood donation

Being one of the charity/organizations, we are dedicated to providing free blood support to over thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Moreover, we have a consistent and inspirational approach to promoting blood donation and its core values with the aim to influence the behaviour of the people regarding blood donation through voluntary camps and awareness campaigns. Furthermore, new initiatives are also being taken.

Apart from providing free blood support, Giving is Living are grouped into four main areas that include:

  • Organizing Awareness Campaigns
  • Voluntary Blood Donation Camps
  • Donors Registration Drives
  • Free blood support

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Take your first step to being someone's cure by joining Giving is Living today and register at our donor registration drives to become a blood donor.

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